Dear Prospective Seller,

Thank you for visiting our site, we want you to feel confident about choosing the right real estate agent to market and list your property. Here’s why we feel we can be of great benefit to you:

You are thinking about listing your property for sale, here’s what happens when you contact us:

• We will provide you with a Free Comparative Market Analysis – this is to inform you of current home prices in the area and advise you on the best list price for your property.

• We schedule a walk-through of your property to review the condition and inform you of all mandatory and recommended inspections prior to the sale of your property. We further will make recommendations on what minor repairs/improvements can be made (if any) to enhance curb appeal and the overall look of your property. We have established solid relationships with local vendors over the years who continually do good work for our clients.

Now that the preparations are made, how do we go about marketing your property?

• Once we are ready to proceed with the sale of your property, we will schedule a professional photo shoot and video tour of the interior & exterior of your property. We do not take photos with our iPhones, we hire an experienced photographer to do this for us! The photos will be used for all printed and digital marketing materials and so, we want to make sure your property is shown in the best way possible.

• Just prior to your property going ‘live’ on search engines, a pre-listing notification is send to our network of (thousands of) agents within Berkshire Hathaway, that way we can see if there is a match with any of our prospect buyers that have been looking for just your property.

• Once listed, your property will be advertised in countless ways; the Real Estate section of the LA Times, The MLS Open House guide, our own Berkshire Hathaway e-magazine, a postcard mailing to a targeted area and group of recipients – just to name a few!

We are now ‘live’ and will host Open House to brokers and the public…

This is the exciting part…your property is now actively listed for sale and the brokerage community as well as the public have been made aware….after all of our efforts to market your property effectively and show it in the best way possible, we are now ready to receive feedback and better yet, qualified buyer offers! We understand that this is a big deal for our clients and therefor keep you informed every step of the way. It is our challenge and goal to obtain the highest price for your property and this is where our services and expertise really come to light.

Having said all this, what is most important to us is YOU, we like to tailor our services to meet your needs and to ensure the sales process will be as smooth as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope that we can be of service to you in the near future!

Warm Regards,

Antoinette Carr & Bruce Mitchell.